Natural hair care

It’s that time again, time to go online in search of the perfect natural hair care products. Not that my father would agree considering the number of bottles at various stages of use in the bathroom, but a girl needs variety right?  So I thought I’d share some of my favourite natural beauty brands with you guys, I know I’m generous to a fault.

Well I think I’ve found my ideal conditioner (so far) in Lavera’s shine and volume conditioner (which I’m pleased to see Amazon are now stocking :D) The shampoo is proving more elusive though. I purchased Lavera’s regenerating shampoo to help prevent split ends but weirdly I end up with more and with dryer hair when using it! I think this might be my hair, which defies logic, rather than the product. I found Lavera’s almond milk shampoo and depending on my hairs current condition their orange milk shampoo to be much better. I’m experimenting with their apple milk shampoo at the moment but I’m undecided as yet.

I have found that Weleda’s rosemary and ginger shampoo works quite well with lavera conditoner, at least for my hair,but their conditioner doesn’t do much for me sadly. So I intend to do a brand mash up this time around and hope for the best.

I should also spare a thought for John Masters Organics whose prices are pretty eye popping but I’m in love with their citrus and neroli detangler which is great as a leave in conditioner for my long hair. I like many long haired people suffer with dry ends. I mean I for one don’t want to wait until the hairs natural oils reach all the way to the ends at my hips, I  can imagine what my roots would look like!  I’ve resorted to rubbing my end on my roots but this didn’t seem to help and made me feel a bit silly. So John Masters has come to the rescue.

At £16.00 a bottle though I am open to suggestions for other natural brands that have a leave-in conditioner in their range at a more budget friendly price! Any suggestions?


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