Richard III

So Leicester uni is set to reveal their findings in the investigation into the possible remains of Richard III on February 4th 2013. Sadly I’ll be at work that day so will miss the live press conference.

I am one of those people who finds all this quite exciting. I also don’t really know why, yes it could answer questions about how much of his physical image is fact and how much is down to Tudor propaganda with a little help from Mr Shakespeare.

It doesn’t however answer the question of whether he was personally guilty or at least partly responsible for the ‘”deaths” of his nephews the princes in the tower. It’s perhaps because of this medieval mystery that we are so curious about this one time king.

Did he do it? Did he know who did it? Did he in fact smuggle the princes to safety and sacrifice his own reputation in order to keep them hidden? Was he a power hungry younger son or a loyal and trusty brother and uncle? Was Buckingham manipulating things in order to make his own power play?

There are many questions that we will likely never know the answers too, but then isn’t that why we are fascinated; most of us love a good mystery and this is certainly an enduring one.

For those who are interested in this subject, there is a DVD out at the moment of Richard III with Laurence Olivier . We purchased this not for the film but for the bonus feature which was a channel 4 programme from 1984 presented as a trial of Richard III which is certainly worth a watch.

For Richard III fans and also horrible histories fans perhaps, Simon Farnaby will be presenting a documentary ‘The King in the car park’ also on Channel  4 also on the 4th February

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