Richard III press conference

Well today is the day of the Leicester university press conference concerning the possible/probable remains of  RIchard III. I’m still unaccountably very excited! I’d love to watch a live feed online like last time but alas I have to go to work and even if I could find the link I doubt my boss would let me watch it 😦 

I watched the old Tony Robinson documentary that they put on the other night. I love a Tony Robinson time team special but it was a bit unfair.  So much for Richard III fact or fiction it was clearly saying he did it that’s obvious but hey everyone was at it! Alright they did mention elements in support of Richard’s character but it wasn’t weighted all that fairly from my point of view. Not that I’m saying he didn’t do it, I don’t know I wasn’t there! I’d just like to see both sides. Nevertheless it’s still a good documentary and lots of intrigues and does point out some of Richard’s good qualities.

It would be nice sometime to see a documentary that doesn’t begin with the assumption that he did it. To really cover all the evidence as if for the first time without prior conviction.

It’s a mystery that has so many levels. What of Perkin Warbeck? Was he really Perkin Warbeck? Or was he really after all who he claimed to be, Richard duke of York?

Well we all love a good mystery don’t we. It would be interesting to have DNA testing done on the remains found in the white tower. Do we really think they were the missing princes and if so who was to blame?

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