Where should Richard III be buried?

Just a quick blog to keep my hand in but this is a question that has sparked another debate. It seems that despite being dead for more than 500 years Richard III is still causing controversy.

The plan is for him to be reinterred in Leicester cathedral but many people are shouting out for him to Buried in York; he was Richard of York after all! He is still strongly associated with the city of York which is home to the Richard III museum situated in Monks bar in the city walls. It would certainly be a nice touch for him to be laid to rest in the minster there and I for one would be interested in going to see the tomb. That probably sounds like a bit of a morbid curiosity but it isn’t. I have just found the story of this mysterious Plantagenet king fascinating. Plus York is one of the few place away from home that I’m fairly comfortable in (still can’t go alone though!)

As for Leicester, well, of course he has lain there relatively undisturbed since his death in 1485 and it can be argued that he should remain in the city. Leicester university have been the academic body in charge of the excavation and discoveries that came with it so it may seem to be the logical choice. If he’s been there all this time why move him now? After all it’s still a massive step up from a car park right?

But where would Richard himself want to be buried? Perhaps in York the city he is most identified with? or in Westminster Abbey where his wife Anne Neville is buried? An interesting  bit of info is that Westminster also houses the remains of the man responsible for his death Henry VII and his Queen (RIchard’s niece) Elizabeth of York. We can probably assume that Richard’s wishes weren’t at the top of the Tudors’ priorities back in the day for multiple reasons.

So what do you think? Where should Richard III the last Plantagenet King of England be laid to rest? York? Leicester? London? Or even Worksop? (I’m not even joking it’s been suggested apparently it’s half way between York and Leicester, quite a nice idea really 🙂 )

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