Step Up Doctor Number 12

So Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who at Christmas apparently. Slightly surprised at the timing as there have been articles knocking about for a while saying he would be back in series 8 but we knew it was coming eventually. Now we are all left wondering who’ll be the next saviour of Saturday night television.

I remember when David Tennant joined the show. I’d seen him in Casanova and thought he was brilliant, but I was worried about him as the Doctor I didn’t know enough of his work to guess how it would turn out.

A few minutes in to the Christmas invasion though and I knew it would be OK I liked the new Doctor as long as the stories were good I was happy. Fast forward 4 years and here we go again. We heard the words Matt Smith is the new Doctor, my reaction was ‘who?’ No pun intended. I didn’t even know him, though it turned out I had seen him in the Ruby In The Smoke and the Shadow In The North, I just didn’t know the name.

By the time we reached fish fingers and custard in the eleventh hour I knew we were in safe hands. Matt Smith’s Doctor has been so many things he’s given us comedy gold, broken hearts, teary eyes and joy. He has an extraordinary knack of switching between the young buffoon to the old man of the world. Sometimes you really seem to see the old man living in the young man’s body. So with much sadness I say goodbye Doctor number eleven, we had a blast and thanks for the ride (in the TARDIS)

So the question is now who will be the twelfth face of the doctor? Who Would you like to see as the next inhabitant of the TARDIS?


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