Deus Ex: The Fall

As a fan of the Deus Ex series I was really excited when Human Revolution came out in 2011. I loved the game, but then I liked Invisible War when most people hated it so don’t take my word for it 😉 Alright so neither Invisible war, nor Human Revolution quite captured the magic of the original but they were still good games. Human revolution has stuck in my mind more than Invisible War which I had on the old X box which hasn’t been used for some time (poor neglected X Box) and I loved getting back to crawling through air vents and eavesdropping etc.

I had the original Deus Ex on PC because it came free with our computer. It’s still one of the best if not the best game I’ve played. Alas my old laptop didn’t like it when I tried it on there and isn’t it so much harder to control the weapons on a laptop than a console? or is that just me?

Anyway the point is when I heard rumours that there might be a fourth Deus Ex instalment I was even more excited. It’s true Deus Ex: The fall is set for release on July 11th,  but…oh no wait…what’s that? They are releasing it exclusively for iphone and ipad!

Now I may be behind the times but I don’t own ANY Apple devices? I know right and the it’s the 21st Century and everything!

Personally I don’t have anything against mobile gaming. I have a Nintendo DS, which let’s be honest is not the best gaming experience, and that’s about it for what can be deemed mobile gaming for me. I know many people are big fans of mobile gaming and that’s great but I have my concerns.

Firstly of those who enjoy mobile gaming many of them are on android devices not Apple so that’s a good portion of mobile gamers alienated. Secondly there are probably a lot of people like me who aren’t into mobile gaming who have been barred from a series that they love and are feeling a bit snubbed. Thirdly not every gamer can afford iphones and PS3/4 and Xbox 360/1 So making a game exclusive to a single platform severely limits your market. This might be cost effective in the short term but what are the long term effects for the series? Is this nothing more than a swan song? I might be less irritated if I thought the profits from the game were going towards developing a new multi platform game but of course I’m no business or gaming expert so I’ll just have to sit back and wait and see.

I’m just hoping that they continue to make PS3 games for a long time after PS4 comes out; My PS3 cost me a lot of money. I don’t earn much and a games console is a big investment on a low income. So a PS4 is not on the horizon for me anytime soon and I’m certainly not going to spend more money on an expensive device to play one game, especially when I’m not a mobile gaming fan. If I were to invest it would have to be an ipad , Deus Ex is a big game it deserves a big screen people!

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