Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3 Review

I just wanted to write a quick review/ plug for a PS3 game from one of my favourite game series. Deus Ex. For those unfamiliar with the series they’re first person action shooters with the emphasis on the action.

The Story:

It’s 2027 and humans have begun to take control of their own evolution by making use of cybernetics. Augmented humans are beginning to appear and the consequence of this is a society divided into those for and those against, those with and those without. Up until now augmentations have been available only to the few, many not being able to afford them and many being morally opposed. Now Sarif industries is working hard to make augmentations more effective and more affordable. This angers anti augmentation groups and tensions are brewing

Scientist Megan Reed has made a startling advancement in her research, she’s found a way to free augmented humans from the need to take the anti rejection drug Neuropozyne. As your character Adam Jenson you are preparing to escort Dr Reed to Washington to present her findings. It seems however that the good Doctor is a little anxious about the possibility she might be asked to explain how she made her great discovery. What is she hiding? But the delegation will never make it to Washington, what happens next will change Adam’s life forever. How he deals with that is up to you.

Game play:

Basic but effective. Press the select button and everything you need is right there, just use L1 and R1 to cycle through your map, your inventory, your data log etc. if you want to select something from your inventory just hold the triangle button and you get a selection wheel. The inventory is managed for you, so no more rearranging things as long as you’ve got enough free squares you can pick it up.

Throughout the world you can read newspapers and ebooks (ebooks will be stored in your data log) pick up credit chips, booze, weapons, energy bars, ammo etc etc. One small tip try lifting up the odd cardboard box every so often you’ll find a hidden goodie! You can also rob dead and unconscious people or go through peoples draws and take stuff .

Oh and you can also drag the aforementioned bodies around in order to hide them. If they are unconscious and another guard sees them they will wake them up and come looking for you. If they’re dead, then the guard who finds the body will still come looking for you, so hide those bodies!

Jenson can also hack computers and security devices, which comes in handy. You can gain useful information such as security codes or just amuse yourself reading peoples personal emails. Sometimes if you hack some of the nodes you can get extra goodies. You can also use virus software to aid you in avoiding detection on the network Hacking skills are one of the augments which you can choose to upgrade.

Throughout the game you can gain experience points towards new augmentations. Each part of the body has augmentation options and there are skill augmentations available too. This gives you choices to make about which abilities you want to enhance or install first etc. It’s a bit like selecting the weapons skills for a character in a RPG but somehow it feels fresher. You can also upgrade your abilities by using praxis kits which can be bought at L.I.M.B clinics or occasionally found.

There is often more than one way to complete a mission. You can take different routes through buildings, ; you can be stealthy or choose a method of non lethal take down or you can just shoot everyone, it’s up to you. Ventilation shafts are also a good way of getting around unobserved.

In conversation with people you have a choice of questions to ask or responses to give effecting how that person responds to you. There are also side missions within the bigger mission which you can complete or ignore as you wish.

In fact the best things about the Deus: Ex series has always been the first person viewpoint and the control you have. There is no one right way to do something so you can develop your own style. It reminds me of the choose your own adventure books I had as a kid. This game is strangely addictive.

If you are looking for a game with a storyline to back it up, a good level of interactivity to back it up and a bit of the futuristic thrown in then give Deus Ex: Human Revolution a try.


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