Richard III’s head

Ok it’s not actually his head but it’s a model of his head built from his skull following the discovery of his body last year. The model is now on display in the Yorkshire museum in York until 13th October.

This has brought the fight over his remains back to the forefront, which I have blogged about before. Although the University authority has the right to decide where to bury him the descendants of the Plantagenet’s want him buried in York and have taken legal proceedings seeking a judicial review.

So it’s a tricky one. Obviously York already has many tourist attractions, so does that mean they should give someone else a go? Or is that a bit cold to treat what is someone’s mortal remains as nothing more than a tourist attraction?To bury the remains in the city they were discovered in is apparently standard procedure. Should that always apply though? Richard III is not an unknown, unnamed body, they know who he is and they went looking for him. By the way I wonder if the Plantagenet descendants can be considered next of kin after this long? Where do they draw the line?

I know York has a large tourist industry already but he is Richard of York, is it really right to bury him elsewhere? I don’t know. I’d like to see him buried in York but that’s purely selfish because I visit York sometimes 😉 What do you guys think? Most importantly what would Richard III want?

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