Crooked House DVD Review

Hello reader, the other night I watched the DVD of crooked house (Mark Gatiss not Agatha Christie) so I thought I’d share my verdict. First a synopsis.

The story starts with a young man who finds a strange door knocker in his garden; he takes it to the curator of the local museum who tells him that the knocker is from a recently demolished manor house.

The curator then begins to tell him two ghoulish tales from the houses troubled past. The first is the tale of a Georgian gent, who finds he is disturbed in the night by strange noises; what secrets do those walls hide?

The second story take place in the 1920’s a young couple announce their engagement, but all is not well with the bride to be. Who is the mysterious figure in white and what is the secret her future grandmother-in law has been keeping?

He also learns something of the dark history of the house’s original owner; a history which is about to have an effect on his own future in a startling way.

So what did I think? Well surprisingly I did find it quite spooky, a lot of modern ghost stories are all about making you jump rather than the gradual chill. This was an enjoyable film and is one I can see myself rewatching several times.

The story telling method worked well. Mark Gatiss, the museum expert, starts relating the tales which we then drift into; this narration works well as a bridge between the eras.

I would just like to say, which you will understand once you’ve seen it: The eyes!!!! OK if anything to do with eyes freaks you out in horror/ supernatural films then this definitely has that factor. Yuck!

All in all a pretty good film. Although Doctor Who fans like myself might be asking questions about paradoxes at the end, but I’m sure most people wont care and will just appreciate it as it is and rightly so.


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