The Amazing Adventures Of Captain Quasar

Last night I was amongst the crowd at the Premiere of independent film The Amazing Adventures of Captain Quasar, at Chesterfield’s Winding Wheel theatre. Captain Quasar Is the brain child of Chesterfield resident Andy Buckland and is a testament to all that is best and worst in the history of the sci-fi and fantasy genres. I covered some of the films aims in my earlier post here

The Amazing Adventures Of Captain Quasar!

The Amazing Adventures Of Captain Quasar!

There was clearly an air of excitement amongst the cast, who were all justifiably delighted to see the results of all their hard work receive it’s first public outing. The show began with a short filmed introduction of Andy detailing his love for old sci-fi and his aim to poke fun at some of the conventions and stereotypes of the TV and advertising of yesteryear. He illustrated his points masterfully with examples of some (incredibly sexist) adverts from back in the day and truly terrifying  (for all the wrong reasons) 1950’s/60’s B-movies. It does make you wonder if future generations will laugh at our efforts in the same way!

What of the film itself? Well if audience reaction is anything to go by the film was a huge hit. There were giggles aplenty and enough cult sci-fi references to keep the pickiest sci-fi buff happy. There was certainly an air of the old 1960’s Star Trek episodes and more than a little of the Shatners in Captain Quasar himself! I have to admit the space invaders references made me feel a bit old ( Ah remember BBC computers?)

The evening was wrapped up nicely with a gag reel which was almost as funny as the film itself. Everyone was clearly having a blast making this film and it shows. The editing was cleverly done and Andy is obviously a talented film maker. The cast threw themselves whole heartedly into the fun and mayhem aboard the U.S.S N-Gage. It just goes to show that you don’t always need a big budget if you have a big enough idea and more than a little commitment. A small group of people in a kitchen in Chesterfield created something truly special. We were fortunate enough to witness someone’s dream come alive last night and there were smiles and congratulations all around.

They set out to fondly go (or should that be to go fondly? ;)) into science fiction past and bring back some laughs and they succeeded.  Will Andy be resting on his laurels now the premiere is over? No, there’s no rest for this ambitious film maker, he’s off to America to spend some time at the New York Film Academy!

The Captain Quasar Youtube Channel

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