Natural Beauty- Featured Brand: Essential Care

Today’s blog is dedicated to Essential Care. They’re a brand  I first discovered when I decided to give natural cosmetics a go after seeing  some pretty scary reports about what goes into everyday products. I suffer from occasional flare ups of eczema, mostly on my hands and eyes. In the past going to the doctor usually meant steroid creams. They were effective but not ideal for the delicate eye area. I found great natural hand creams which stopped my hands getting too dry. But, when it came to my eyes even my organic or natural moisturizers couldn’t heal the flare ups. The redness and flakiness just wouldn’t heal. Have you ever had your eyelid crack open? It’s not pleasant! Now I suffer from lots of allergies, at least I believe they are allergies, all I know is I get visited by something I call the snot monster (sorry, too much info) frequently. I don’t always know the trigger but allergies can equal runny eyes, runny eyes+ eye eczema = pain in the eeer eye. Why am I telling you this? Because things changed when I found this beauty:

Odylique Ultra Rich Balm by Essential Care

Odylique Ultra Rich Balm by Essential Care

Now selling under their new Odylique label, Essential Care’s Ultra Rich Balm is brilliant. Anyone who has ever had eczema on their eyes will know how irritating and frustrating it can be. Recently I had a bad flare up, I spread this little gem on my eyes when I went to bed and the worst of the eczema was gone by morning and the sore points in the watery corners a couple of days after. I can’t say it’ll work that well for everyone but my eyes seem to like it. The only downside is, it’s too oily or me to use as a daytime moisturizer, but I have others for that.

Now to makeup.

Essential Care makeup

Essential Care makeup

I’m one of those people who has loads of makeup but hardly ever wears it because:

  1. I’d rather stay in bed longer than get up an do makeup
  2. I’m rubbish at it

But that’s besides the point. There are some lovely natural lipsticks and lip glosses out there but not so many carmine free ones. I’m the kind of girl who likes pinky, purple tones when I wear lipstick which are usually full of the stuff. So three big cheers for Essential Care’s lipstick range! Vegetarian lipstick colours that I actually like.  The camera on my tablet won’t do the colours justice so here is a link

A lot of natural eye shadows are mineral colours  in loose powder form. They are often too dark for me, only give you the sparkly makeup option and aren’t convenient to carry. Many also have carmine in too. So I’ve decided to try Essential Care’s eye shadows because I like their other products so much.

They currently have two palettes available : Ocean or Earth. Or you can buy the, recyclable, palette alone and the colours individually to mix and match according to your preference. I’ve opted for an ocean palette. It contains: sand, seaweed, shell and lagoon.  Though I’m a little unsure about lagoon on my colouring.

Essential Care Eye Shadow Palette

Essential Care Eye Shadow Palette

Essential Care Ocean Palette

Essential Care Ocean Palette

Personally I’d love to see them bring out a clear mascara/brow gel that’s suitable for veggies and vegans too. Hopefully the makeup range will expand a little in time.

So if you’re interested in a more natural beauty regime or you just want to break free of reliance on steroid creams for skin complaints then check out they are soil association certified and environmentally responsible but there site will tell you all about that 😁


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