The Literary Anti-Climax

Don’t you hate it when you’re within site of the end of a book, you rush to finish, to find the big explanation you’ve been waiting for….. And then the book’s over and you are still non the wiser? I mean it’s one step up from  ‘and then I woke up’ but it’s still pretty Frustrating.

I’ve just finished a book (I might review it later 😏) and there are loose ends flapping in the breeze like bunting. Don’t spend an entire book going: ‘This is important. Take note of this.’ Then at the end of the book say ‘yeah I decided not to tell you about that.’ Don’t leave orphaned plot points.

Don’t get me wrong; a bit of mystery and ambiguity is good. Leaving enough subtle hints for the reader to draw their own conclusions is fine. Completely unexplained phenomena are just disappointing.


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