The New Doctor In Town

Are we sitting comfortably? Because tonight we settle in to watch Doctor Who and there’s a new Doctor in town. This will be the first full, official outing of the new Doctor and this is the moment Doctor Who fans get excited and nervous about. So much potential for another fabulous doctor but also the potential for a huge disappointment.

The doctor is not an easy character to play, after all, he’s over a thousand years old, he’s seen a lot, he’d been around the block before the block was even built! With a fifty year heritage it’s a big role to take on. Let’s wish Peter Capaldi good luck.

So fix yourself a brew in your favourite TARDIS  mug, get comfy on the sofa (or behind it if you prefer) and get ready for the series of Doctor Who!

6 thoughts on “The New Doctor In Town

  1. I’m not a massive Doctor Who fan.. but I like watching it when it’s on. It does take me a while to warm up to a new doctor though.. I didn’t like Matt Smith for a long time.. and then I start to love him and he leaves! :O


  2. I really loved it much more than I expected it! At first I thought nobody could replace David Tennant, then Matt Smith was below par for me personally, but I loved Peter Capeldi, his darkness and quirks made for much interesting viewing than the lovey-dovey storylines that they tried to incorporate into Matt Smith’s doctors. I cannot wait to continue to watch and I hope they go from strength to strength and not fall flat like the past three seasons :p


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