Mini Book Review-The Tir Na Nog Trilogy

I should be clear about the title; The review is mini. I am not reviewing a mini book.

I just wanted to take a few moments to tell you about what I’ve been reading. As you already know, I have just published my book on feedaread and while I was doing that I decided to browse their book shelves and check out my fellow writers. I’m glad I did; while browsing I came across the two book that have so far been released in the Tir Na Nog Trilogy by Ali Isaac.

Now, you may or may not know that I am half Irish and proud of it. This being said my interest in Celtic mythology is fairly recent, though I have always had an interest in mythology generally and that has grown as I’ve gotten older.

It’s not often you see modern books based on ancient myths, I exclude King Arthur here because he is an exception. You might be shouting that I’m wrong and  there are loads; so, I should say that I at least haven’t found many, apart from Greg Van Eekhaut’s The Norse Code (also a good book.) So, I was curious when I discovered these books.

The two books so far released are Conor Kelly and the Four Treasure of Eirean & Conor Kelly and the Fenian King.

These books have the modern-day hero getting thrown into the world of Irish myth and legend and he’s taken on a journey of discovery. He learns that Ireland’s ancient past and his own present are not entirely what he thought they were. He is forced to question what is true and where the real myths lie. Yet despite the literal and personal battles involved in Conor’s story there is one major obstacle standing in his way, which is somewhat unusual for the hero in a fantasy novel…..

Conor is in a wheelchair and cannot speak nor does he have the strength to push his own wheelchair. Now this is something new, and at first you have to wonder how on earth he is going to do everything a hero is required to do, but you know what? It works.

The author apparently drew on her own experiences of raising her daughter, so you always feel that there is a truth in this story. This is the story of a boy who learns that he is so much more than he or anyone else could have imagined.He must learn not to define himself by his disability.

If you like Arthurian legend you will probably like Celtic myths and legends too. There are certain elements which are reminiscent of the Arthurian legends; their are distinct similarities in places but I’ll let you discover that for yourselves.

I recommend these books they are like a whirlwind tour of Ireland’s ancient history. You will be very glad, however, to make use of the pronunciation guide at the back of the books as the Irish language looks nothing like how it sounds. 🙂

You can buy them here

*If you would like Conor Kelly and the Fenian King in paperback it is available direct from feedaread.

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