The Pre-Christian Origins of Christmas Decorating

A lovely post from Ali Isaac about the origins of “Christmas” customs


So in between looking after sick children, having teeth pulled at the dentist, and trying to get my Christmas shopping finished started, I’ve been decorating my home for Crimbo. Now, I’m not a religious person, but I do enjoy Christmas. I enjoy giving gifts to the people I love, I enjoy the festivities, catching up with family and friends, and the special foods we wouldn’t eat at any other time of year, not to mention mulled wine. And I love the decorating. As anyone who follows me on Pinterest will have gathered… sorry, folks!

Each year, I try to make my own decs. This morning, I spelled ‘NOEL’ for my mantle out of twigs and bits and pieces… although at the moment it just says ‘NOL’, as I’m waiting for some help with the ‘E’. No doubt it will stay that way for the season! I’ve made wreaths…

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