Not Another Happy Ending – DVD Review

Today I thought I’d introduce you to my current go to feel good movie of choice ‘Not Another Happy Ending’ :

Feisty first time novelist Jane Lockhart (Dr Who’s Karen Gillan)  is on the quest for publication, but so far all she’s got is rejections, lots of them. Each new rejection joins the others on what she fondly refers to as her “wall of pain” that is, until she meets independent publisher, and Frenchman turned patriotic Scot, Tom Duval (Stanley Weber). He offers Jane a two book deal and for a while it looks like everything is finally falling into place. But things are never that simple. When Tom’s actions drive a wedge between author and publisher things get complicated.

With Tom’s company on the brink of collapse all his hopes are riding on Jane’s next book. There’s just one small problem; Jane has come down with a serious case of writer’s block! (I wonder why I love this film; I can’t imagine).Convinced that her new found happiness is to blame he does what any logical person would do; he tries to make her miserable. With friend Roddy as his unwilling accomplice he sets out on a secret mission to sabotage Jane’s life. But has he missed the true reason behind Jane’s problem. Well it’s hardly surprising; it’s something she’s only just beginning to see, with a little help from an unexpected source.

I’m loving this film. Karen Gillan plays Jane Lockhart brilliantly. She’s funny, quirky and looks fabulous in a bowler hat! Yet she also handles the more emotional scenes beautifully. Jane as a character has a vulnerability but she also has the kind of strength that comes with that vulnerability. There’s great chemistry between the  two leads and whether they’re editing a manuscript or having a blazing row they seem to bounce well off each  other. There are some great comic moments from the other characters too in the form of some questionable English lessons from Roddy, no nonsense pep talks from Darsie and Jane’s new self obsessed boyfriend. For anyone who’s ever suffered from writers block this a fun film to make you feel better about it. An enjoyable British movie.

There is also a novelisation of this film which expands on some areas of the plot. Personally I preferred the film but both are enjoyable.


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