The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories

Quote from THe Haunted Chamber and Other Stories

I know things have been a little quiet on my blogs recently so I thought I’d break the silence today by sharing with you a quote from my latest release The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories, due out on the 31st of October. That’s right Halloween! It seemed like a good day to release a book of ghostly stories.

The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories is not a completely new book; Lifting the Veil was originally published as a short. Three of the stories were also previously published as Mysterious Tales but in all honesty that never really took off. So they’ve been tweaked and re-edited, and I’m much happier with them now. They are joined here by two brand new, never released stories and a brand new cover designed by an old college pal of mine. I discussed one of his other projects in an earlier post. Over all I’m much happier with this new release. Self publishing has been a learning curve and hopefully I’ve learned from my mistakes and wont make them again!

As always, your support is really appreciated. Thanks guys!