The Girl With The Roses: A Tale From The Haunted Auctions by K. B. Goddard

The Girl With The Roses – Now Available For Pre-order

I am delighted to announce that my first Novella, The Girl With The Roses: A Tale From The Haunted Auctions, is now available for pre-order from Amazon and Kobo. The ebook release date is 18th August. There will also be paperback and hardback editions; I’m currently waiting for Feedaread to confirm that these are ready to print. I’ll be sure to post when they are available too.

So here it is, the blurb for The Girl With The Roses:

“It was to be a summer of storms.”


A dark supernatural tale of love, obsession and power.

At the haunted auctions of Thornhill and Swift, where artefacts of the ghostly and the macabre are bought and sold, we learn of the statue entitled: ‘The Girl with the Roses’.


Charlotte Salt has always dreamt of marrying for love but when she receives a proposal she realises that romance isn’t always the deciding factor in the Victorian marriage market.

Married to the eligible but secretive George Avery, she finds herself cut off from her family and friends when her husband takes her to live in his isolated Derbyshire home.

Trapped in a loveless marriage, she finds her thoughts turning towards her brother’s newly returned friend, the handsome Charles Jameson. In failing health and increasingly troubled by strange sights and sounds, she cannot help recalling Jameson’s mysterious warning: “be on your guard.” What danger did he foresee?

As dark forces surround her, she contemplates the fate of her predecessor. What happened to the first Mrs Avery?

In a summer of storms, can anyone save her from the shadows?

A Gothic horror novella from the author of A Spirited Evening and Other Stories and The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories.


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The Girl With The Roses: A Tale From The Haunted Auctions by K. B. Goddard

Cover Reveal

Say hello to my latest offering. My first novella. The Girl With The Roses: A Tale From The Haunted Auctions.

Coming soon…

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The Living and The Dead – Review

When I heard that the BBC was going to be airing a Victorian Supernatural drama I was thrilled. The Victorian era is one in which the ghost story has a firm footing. As you know Victorian era supernatural is a interest of mine. It was an era of great change and that is something that the living and the dead explores in the stories it tells.

Set in Somerset in 1894 it follows the lives of psychologist Nathan Appleby (Colin Morgan) and his photographer Charlotte (Charlotte Spencer). When the death of Nathan’s mother brings them back to his family home, Shepzoy farm, they’re soon faced with running a struggling farm while contending with an ever increasing supernatural presence which seems to be connected with Nathan’s own past.

I admit when it came to the twist at the end of the first episode , which I wont reveal for those who haven’t caught the show yet, I was slightly (only slightly) disappointed that this wasn’t going to be a straight up ghost story. However, as the series went on the twist that was introduced in the first episode was bubbling under the surface nicely and created an intriguing element. It also contributed to Nathan’s gradual slide to the brink of madness. The last episode did a nice job of bringing the strands of the narrative together.

Although I was uncertain at first about the twist element I found it opened up a lot of other intriguing questions. Part of the fun of the supernatural genre is, perhaps, the way it can pose more questions than it answers.This is an era when science and the traditional beliefs were caught in conflict. The Living and The Dead makes you wonder where the line between them falls. How much of what is happening is supernatural and how much is down to psychological factors, and then makes you wonder how much of the supernatural events actually have scientific explanations that we just can’t understand yet?

In fact the whole of The Living and The Dead is perched between two worlds and the conflicts of this changing world are exemplified in the characters. Making Nathan a physiologist was a clever idea. Who better to be conflicted by the overpowering evidence of the supernatural than someone who has spent their life telling people that such things are the figments of their own imaginations.

Charlotte Appleby is in some ways a woman ahead of her time. While they were living in London she had her own career as a photographer and she’s not prepared to be a meek, little woman when she arrives in Shepzoy. This is a woman who rides into rural, Victorian England and gets involved with all aspects of running the farm and making changes in the name of progress. Understandably this isn’t something that goes down too well with some.

Although not all the questions posed by the show were answered it doesn’t feel like an issue; an element of ambiguity is often a plus in this genre. Enough questions were answered for it not to feel unresolved. I’d say the balance was right here.

Of course, those who have seen the last episode will know there is another twist right at the end. If it is given a second series this will be an intriguing cliff hanger; if not, it will be a frustrating question mark left hanging in space. I have seen mixed reviews of this show but personally I enjoyed it and would recommend it. There are some great performances and there is a great atmospheric quality to the scenes.

In a new move for the BBC they made the entire show available for binge watching before it even hit TV screens. The show could also be watched in weekly instalments on TV for those who prefer to gather round the TV as a family in a weekly ritual (the method we opted for). Unusually too the show aired on a Tuesday, which was nice to see. It seems common these days for this type of drama to automatically head for the weekend slots so it was treat to have a quality weekday offering.

Free Book Giveaway

Ladies and gentlemen in honour of this weeks Twitter Fiction Festival I have decided to make my new short story Lifting the Veil Available for free today. So if anyone wants to check it out and even leave me a review *insert winning smile here 😀 * Then just follow the link here or click on the picture below. Any and all downloads/reblogs/reviews gratefully received. Thank you. 🙂

Lifting the Veil: An Algernon Hunter Story by K.B Goddard

Lifting the Veil:
An Algernon Hunter Story